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Our Team

Ashish Jain


Ashish Jain serves as the CEO of GreenSource Fabrication and CFO of Whelen Engineering, steering both companies with his distinctive leadership style. His role encompasses the development and implementation of growth strategies for both organizations. Ashish's journey in the business world is marked by a unique combination of investment acumen and practical management skills. His career began in investment banking at JPMorgan, followed by a key role at Falcon Investments, where he specialized in offering growth capital to burgeoning small and medium-sized enterprises.

Transitioning from finance to hands-on management, Ashish played a pivotal role in revitalizing RoadSafe, a struggling company within Falcon's portfolio. His executive journey continued through several high-profile positions, including leadership roles at Argo, known for their specialized amphibious and off-road ATVs, and PepperBall, a global supplier of non-lethal systems to military and law enforcement. Ashish continues to apply his extensive experience to drive growth and success at Whelen Engineering, a frontrunner in emergency warning systems for first responder vehicles, and GreenSource Fabrication, an innovative provider of technical solutions in the PCB and ICS supply chain.

Steve Pittari

General Manager

Steve's professional journey, spanning over 40 years, showcases his contributions in diverse sectors, including a five-year role as Managing Director in East Malaysia where he oversaw a greenfield operation. His expertise extends from General Management to Business Development, with a decade in the Aerospace industry working with major OEMs like GE and Boeing. Notably, Steve has been pivotal in three Greenfield projects, two in the printed circuit board sector and one in Aerospace, demonstrating his skill in leading complex and innovative ventures. His diverse experience and strategic insight make him an invaluable member of our team.

Mike Gleason

Director of Product Development and Strategic Growth

Beginning with Hallmark Circuits, Mike wore many hats over his eight year tenure, ultimately exiting the company as operations manager. He then secured executive management responsibilities within PJC Technologies and continued with a business development role for Hughes Circuits, all the while remaining focused on Department of Defense projects and needs. Culminating with his tenure at Draper laboratory as a PCB fabrication SME, he led advanced initiatives in bleeding-edge PCB designs, UHDI, organic substrates, and Substrate Like PCBs, notably advancing tech-protect electronics packaging. Mike's deep expertise and innovative leadership, developed over 18 years in PCB manufacturing, have been pivotal in enhancing our company's capabilities and guiding our technological future.

Robert Blanton

Director of Operations

Robert "Bob" has established a notable career in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) industry since beginning his journey in 1994. His extensive background encompasses significant roles in the industry giants such as IBM, Hadco, and Sanmina-SCI, where he excelled in various capacities including Manufacturing, Production Control, and Front End Engineering, alongside holding numerous supervisory and managerial positions. In 2013, Bob played a foundational role in the inception of what is now GreenSource Fabrication, initially joining Whelen, the site's predecessor. As the second employee, he was integral in the transformation of an empty building into a cutting-edge, fully automated PCB manufacturing facility. Currently serving as the Director of Operations at GreenSource, Bob's strategic leadership and deep industry knowledge have been pivotal in steering the company to the forefront of PCB manufacturing. His dedication to fostering innovation and operational excellence continues to drive GreenSource's success and reputation in the competitive PCB industry.

Alexandra Mackinnon

Quality Manager

Alexandra MacKinnon holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire. Alexandra joined the GreenSource team in 2019 after working in an analytical laboratory holding positions as the Organics Laboratory Manager as well as Project Manager. She started her career with GreenSource Fabrication as the laboratory manager, ultimately being promoted to the title of Quality Manager. During her time at GreenSource, Alexandra’s specialties include chemical analysis, cross sectioning, external/internal board inspection/acceptance, and ISO/IPC requirements. Alexandra holds the following certifications, ISO 9000/14000/45000 auditor and is certified in IPC 600 and IPC6012 standards. Alexandra is also Black Belt certified in Lean Six Sigma.

Don Taylor

Sales & Service Manager

Don's 46-year career in the printed circuit fabrication industry exemplifies the value of hands-on experience and on-the-job learning. His journey through roles like Associate Engineer, Department Manager, and Product Engineer has culminated in his current role as Sales & Service Manager at GreenSource. Don's extensive background includes contributions to major U.S. manufacturers like Advanced Board Circuitries, Hadco Corp, Sanmina, and Flextronics-Multek, a Department of Defense-approved flex house. His last 25 years in sales, particularly at Sanmina and Flextronics/Multek, along with diverse earlier roles like NC Programmer and Drill Operator, highlight his comprehensive industry understanding. Don's career is a testament to dedication and continuous professional growth, making him an integral and inspiring member of our team.

John Bourke

Director of Engineering

John's 37-year career in the industry has been marked by a remarkable journey from a Process Engineer to upper management roles, including Director of Quality and Director of Engineering. His career highlights include a 12-year tenure at Automata (now TTM Virginia) and a 21-year stint at Sanmina Owego. Known for his technical expertise, leadership skills, and consistent delivery of results, John has proven to be an invaluable asset in challenging roles, combining technical acumen with strategic vision, making him a vital and respected member of our team.

Crystal Laclair

Engineering Supervisor

In her 11-year career in PCB manufacturing, Crystal has risen from a Manufacturing Technician to the Chemical Engineering Supervisor at GSF. Her journey through roles such as Lab Tech, Chemical Process Control Specialist, Quality Engineer, and Chemical Engineer has culminated in her current leadership position, where she specializes in Surface Treatment, Plated Through Hole, Electrolytic Plating, and Surface Finishes. Crystal's comprehensive expertise and innovative approach in these areas have significantly enhanced our manufacturing processes, establishing her as a key figure in setting new standards. Beyond her professional accolades, Crystal is a proud graduate of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, where she majored in Pre-Med (Biology) with a minor in Chemistry.

Cassie Mackinnon

Engineering Supervisor

Since joining GreenSource in 2017 with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire, Cassie has rapidly advanced from a Process Engineer in the CNC drill and routing department to her current role as the Process Engineering Supervisor of the “Dry” side of operations. Her career growth paralleled GreenSource's expansion, mastering laser drilling and routing, among other mechanical operations. Cassie has adeptly navigated various roles, including Process Supervisor and New Product Introduction Engineer, showcasing her expertise in laser drilling, routing, registration, and manufacturing process flows. Her adaptability and technical acumen have made her an essential asset to the GreenSource team.

Mark Girard

Wastewater Treament Manager

Since joining Whelen Engineering in July 2010, Mark has demonstrated exceptional adaptability and growth, contributing across multiple departments. Starting in SMT and Assembly, he transitioned to the PCB operations in April 2016 as production increased. There, he showcased his versatility in various roles including drill, ET, and Inspection Technician. His journey continued in Logistics, where he quickly ascended to Supervisor in February 2020, coinciding with the company's expansion into third-party work. In November 2020, he took charge of Waste Treatment Operations, implementing efficiencies that significantly increased production capacity, underscoring his capability to enhance operational processes within the company.

Steve Karas

Engineering Manager

Steve, with over 15 years in PCB manufacturing, currently leads as the Engineering Manager of the Front-End Engineering Department. His journey includes roles as a Process Engineer and Product Engineer, focusing on new product introduction. Steve's expertise is backed by a Chemistry degree from The State University of New York and advanced training, including a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He actively contributes to the PCB community through co-authoring articles on advanced interconnects and presenting at trade shows, continually enhancing his knowledge in areas like signal integrity and application support. His leadership in product development, customer engagement, and process improvement marks him as a key asset to our team.

Jacques Jalbert

Automation Engineering

Jacques holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire and has further enriched his qualifications with certificates in Project Management from Cornell University, as well as Design and Analysis of Experiments from MIT. His military service in the United States Army Reserve as a Petroleum Supply Specialist and Squad Leader honed his leadership and logistical abilities. Transitioning to GreenSource Fabrication in 2017, Jacques has held the roles of Process Engineer, Process Manager, and Automation Engineer where he has been instrumental in automating the fabrication processes, championing Industry 4.0 initiatives, and implementing a Manufacturing Execution System to improve digital connectivity and process integrity. His expertise spans SCADA and dashboard creation, mechanical design, PLC & HMI programming, computer programming in various languages, and low voltage electrical controls, all underpinned by robust project management skills. This blend of educational achievements, military discipline, professional evolution, and technical skills illustrates Jacques' unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence at GreenSource.

Chris Haskell

Director of Logisitics

Chris Haskell brings nearly 30 years of experience in the PCB manufacturing industry. With an A.S. in Business Administration and an active CPIM certification from ASCM, Chris has been a pivotal part of the GreenSource team since July 2013. He played a key role in the initial setup of the facility, from machine installation and process setup to creating SOPs and training technicians. Chris led the installation of the ERP system, contributed to the design of various Wiki pages and reports, and now oversees Purchasing, Shipping & Receiving operations, Supplier Management, and ERP System development, ensuring compliance with company policies and driving continuous improvement. His previous roles at Hadco Corp and Sanmina, including Team Leader, Senior Planner, and Customer Service Manager, have contributed to his well-rounded understanding of PCB manufacturing. His expertise in facilitating interdepartmental collaboration and aligning team efforts towards common goals is a testament to his leadership and strategic vision.

Stefan Chubb

Human Resources

Stefan brings over 12 years of leadership experience in education and sport to his role in human resources at GreenSource Fabrication. His dedication to fostering lasting relationships and promoting personal and professional development is driven by a deep-seated passion for people. A native of Devon, England, Stefan studied Politics at the University of the West of England in Bristol before moving to the United States in 2014. His journey in the U.S. led him to the semiconductor industry, where he spent seven years, including three years heading the human resources department for a global distributor in Austin, Texas, before joining GreenSource Fabrication in January 2023. Outside of his professional life, Stefan is an enthusiastic soccer player, golfer, and skier. He's also a committed family man, a licensed foster parent with his wife of 10 years, and a father to two sons and six chihuahuas, reflecting his nurturing spirit and dedication to his community.

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